Suggested Reading Materials

I was taught by my mentor that for every piece of historic native material you purchase, one should buy three books and study, study AND study!  Sound advise indeed, so here is a list of suggested reading material to increase your knowledge, prowess and understanding of this fascinating art!


Southwest Indian Bracelets, the Essential Cuff by Paula Baxter, 2015

Southwest Silver Jewelry, by Paula Baxter, 2001

Turquoise Jewelry, by Edna Mae and John F. Bennett, 1973

Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest, by Larry Frank, 1978


Pleasing the Spirits, a Catalogue of American Indian Art, by Douglas C Ewing, 1982

Sacred Circles, Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art, Nelson Gallery, 1977

Spirit in the Arts, by James Hanson, 1994

Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures, the Paul Dyke Collection, by Emma Hansen, 2018

Splendid Heritage, Perspective on American Indian Art, by Warnock, 2009


Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians 1600-1880, by Frank and Harlow, 1990

Pottery of the Pueblos of New Mexico, 1700-1940, Taylor Museum, 1987

Two Hundred Years of Historic Pueblo Pottery; The Gallegos Collection, by Harlow, 1990

Should you have difficulty finding any of these publications, please contact me and I am happy to help you locate them….Don;


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